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Automatic Propane

With automatic propane delivery, you will never run out of propane!

Coletti Energy uses a wireless tracking system to ensure that you always have plenty of propane in your tank. When your tank is running low, our Enertrac system alerts us to schedule a delivery. Not only does this ensure that you never run out of propane; it puts our truck on the road only when necessary, which lowers carbon emissions to benefit the environment.

You can rely on Coletti Energy for a steady supply of propane. And you’ll never have to remember to call us for a delivery. You won’t use more propane than you normally would, and if you use 500 gallons a month, there is no extra fee for this convenience. If you use less than 500 gallons per month, the fee is just $7.00 per month—a small price to pay for true peace of mind.

For propane prices that are easy to manage, enroll in our Breathe Easy Budget Plan, our convenient monthly payment program that lowers your winter fuel bills by spreading your fuel costs over 10 months. Please contact us today to learn more.

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